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    • Advice on Requirements:

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    • Document Drafting:

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    • Iterations:

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    What is Employment Agreement?

    While hiring any employee or consultant, an employment agreement is mandatory. It is a complete document that outlines all the terms and conditions governing employment, rights, duties and responsibilities. The common points in the document will include the date of joining, notice period, the breakdown of salary, and all other non-compete clauses.

    Employment Agreement Procedure

    2 Working Days:

    As soon as you send us your request, one of our representatives will get in touch with you to collect your requirements. We then start working on your request and forward the well drafted document to you for review. Please free to contact Growbiz team if any amendments are required in the document.

    2 Working Days:

    In case you are find any changes to be made, please let us know. We perform two rounds of iterations and no extra cost.

    Advantages of Employment Agreement

    Minuses Risk

    Employment agreement helps in protecting the rights of both the employees and the employers.

    Defines Expectations

    The contract outlines the responsibilities and expectations of both the parties, the employer and the employee.

    Avoids Ambiguity

    A well-drafted clause in an employment agreement can help in many ways by avoiding ambiguity and minimizing legal risks.

    FAQs on Employment Agreement

    Is it possible to make a job offer subjected to successful completion of a probationary period?

    Yes, a probation period of three to six months is typical and is long enough to judge a candidate if he is willing to work with the organization or is suitable to do the job.

    What all things the written statement of terms and conditions covers?

    It covers the following:

    • The employer's name and the name of the employee.
    • The date of commencement of the job.
    • How the pay is calculated and when will it be paid.
    • Entitlement of holidays and paid holidays.
    • Clear information about working hours.
    • The employee's place of work.