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Why not hire a Professional Trademark Consultant???

Trade Mark Rules, 2017 has been notified and now, engaging a Professional Trade Mark Consultant can prove to be a game-changer for your business. You should search for an expert consultant who not only files an application for your brand name but also ensures its registration and due protection. It is a one-time investment that you make to ensure that your brand name will be registered.

Choose an expert consultant because:

  • Hiring a Consultant will always be better than doing it on your own or getting it done from a layman. Believe it or not, it can cost less to register your trademark from an expert trademark consultant than without one.
  • Expert can help you with selecting the proper TM class for your product and its availability for registration .
  • An expert can guide you in designing a unique and suitable logo for your brand. It will prevent you from losing your money and time in the registration process of your brand.
  • Experts who practice in the area of intellectual property can always help you with a proper TM Search and Application to ensure that your brand name is registered.
  • Expert will always assist you with your case in a professional way.
  • You have someone who can provide legal advice regarding all your trademark concerns.
  • Expert can also provide litigation services to ensure that your trademark rights are not infringed by others

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  1. I want to apply my Trade mark but could not find any professional. How to find out a consultant?

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