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    What is Trademark Registration?

    If a person wants to transfer his trademark rights/ownership of the trademark, then it can be easily done with Trademark Assignment. Trademark rights are transferrable through assignment agreement. When an owner assigns the trademark to another party the ownership of the mark; either with or without the goodwill is transferred to the other party.

    Trademark can be transferred permanently or for a limited period of time. For avoiding any further legal issues, a proper agreement should be undersigned.

    Trademark Assignment Process:

    9 Working Days:

    Our representative will get in touch to know whether you will be the assignee or are the assignor. They will also explain you about the documents that are required for the entire procedure. There would be an additional request from our lawyers for additional documents and proofs, depending on the case.

    7 Working Days:

    Our representatives will get the deed notarized and file the necessary forms. The assignee is required to direct the Registrar to examine the assignment and then publish it in the Trade Marks Journal in a limited timeframe of 6 months else the application would be treated as null. at the end of the process, you will be receiving a receipt in regard to the same.

    10 Months:

    The Registrar will first examine the agreement if there is any confusion seems to appear from it or not. In any case, if both the parties are using the trademark for different industries then the process may take some time and for the same, our lawyers will keep you posted. As soon as the Registrar gets satisfied with the agreement, it will be published in the trademarks journal. The Registrar will then consider the agreement and the response to its publication, on the basis of the same, he allows or disallows the assignment entry in the Trademark Registry.

    Advantages of Trademark Registration

    Legal Protection

    The default option for start-ups and growing businesses as only private limited companies can raise venture capital.

    Business Opportunity

    The default option for start-ups and growing businesses as only private limited companies can raise venture capital.

    Unique Identity

    The default option for start-ups and growing businesses as only private limited companies can raise venture capital.


    What is a Trademark?

    Trademark are the source of identifiers that help consumers in identifying the source of the goods and services they are purchasing or are interested in. Trademark plays a major role in the in making of your identity. It helps in making your customers know that the goods and services they are availing are actually coming from your brand.

    What goodwill actually means and how is it related to the Trademark?

    IWhen you offer the market a product or service that has values, you establish a reputation in the market for your business. This is termed as goodwill. The customers that are aware of your business, goodwill automatically comes to your business name or brand name. As soon as people start recommending your products and services to other customers, your business acquires more and more goodwill.

    Are trademarks only for brands?

    No, the fundamental principle of a trademark is its ability to protect anything that is capable of uniquely identifying your business. By registering for a trademark you are protecting your goods and services that other Unscrupulous traders may try to copy. Consequently, fooling people to buy the products and services of the Unscrupulous trader thinking that they are purchasing your products.