‘Kesh King’ Entrepreneur who created a great brand and made Fortune in just 6 years

Have you ever heard the brand name ‘Kesh King’ and the entrepreneur behind the brand. He is Mr. Sanjeev Juneja; who created and launched this brand in

Ambala in the year 2009. In just 6 years, he sold this brand to Emami for Rs. 1651 Crore.

Here is the story of Mr. Sanjeev Juneja, a First Generation Entrepreneur who made huge money by creating a brand, working on its promotion and finally, selling it for Rs. 1651 Crore in just 6 years to Emami.

A young entrepreneur aged 41 years, started his career in 2008 when the idea to launch a hair oil brand struck him. His father was a Ayurvedic doctor who used to run a small clinic in Mohali. His father has formulated a hair oil but passed away before its launch. Although, Mr. Sanjeev Juneja was not a doctor, in took interest in Ayurveda and launched this hair oil product under ‘Kesh King’ brand in Ambala in 2009. In the first 2 years of launch, he used to visit shop to shop to convince retailers to stock and sell his product. He has to work hard to convince the consumers. But, soon things started to change and this brand was liked by consumer in Haryana and neighboring states. He invested heavily in creating this brand value in the consumer's mind and engaged former Miss India and the leading bollywood star Ms. Juhi Chawla, in its promotions. The brand ‘Kesh King’ was liked by everyone and became a leading brand in hair oil segment in India.

After creating this brand, he decided to sell ‘Kesh King’ brand and quoted Rs 2,200 crore. There were a plenty of FMCG players, such as Bajaj, Dabur, Wipro and Marico. This figure was more than 7 times its annual sales of Rs. 300 crore. Finally, Kolkata based Emami clinched the deal with Mr. Sanjeev Juneja for Rs. 1651 Crore. Emami sees a potential in the brand and looks at it as a strategic decision to expand its presence in the hair oil segment all over India.

Mr. Sanjeev Juneja has also created many other brands covering pain, skin and health segments. He created ‘Dr. Ortho’ a body pain solution, ‘Roop Mantra’ a skin care product, ‘Sachi Saheli’ women's health product and ‘More Power’ a health supplement product and many more.

Mr. Sanjeev Juneja always promoted Ayurveda and developed innovative solutions. He cover various healthcare segments such as pain, skin and health. He has adhered to the best quality standards of his products and able to convince his consumers.

So, create a entrepreneur in yourself and Create a Brand for You. Your Brand is your most valuable asset. Your hard work at present for some time may earn you great rewards in future.

(Source: Excerpts from Google. The Author disclaim any liability)

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