Why Register?
  • Self-Certification:

    Compliance under 9 environmental and labour laws.
  • Public Procurement:

    Under the criteria of "prior experience/turnover" for the startups in all over Central Government.
  • Tax Exemptions:

    On income tax for up to 3 years and on capital gains & investments above the fair market value.
  • Start Up Patent Application:

    Up to 80% of rebate in filing patents.

What is Startup India?

Everyone of us is aware of the fact that more than 73% Founders are of less than 36 Years of age and 6% of the total are women founders. The technology startup ecosystem is growing rapidly in the private sector and is becoming more important to the youth of India. Here are few things that you must keep in the foreground of your mind if you are planning to start with Start Up India:

  • A firm that is not registered in India prior to five years.
  • Your annual turnover should not exceed INR 25 crores in any preceding financial year.
  • Your entity must work towards innovation, deployment, development, or intellectual property.
  • Your platform must promote grand challenges.