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The PMO India, Shri Narendra Modi, launched the Make In India Initiative with an aim to boost manufacturing sector of India.

What is Make in India?

Policy makers in India have been debating that how to give an impetus to manufacturing in India and make India the global manufacturing hub. It is Narendra Modi who bought a revolution in the market and within a time frame of months bought "Make In India" campaign to facilitate investment, enhance skill development, foster innovation, and promoted people to build best in the class manufacturing infrastructure.

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How it Works?

Make In India is based on a set of four pillars, these are the New Processes, New Infrastructure, New Sectors, and the New Mindset. To promote entrepreneurship, the government focuses on the 'ease of doing business'. Usually, people intended to see Government as the regulator of Industry, on the other hand, make in India intended to change it by bringing a paradigm change in how Government deals with Industry.

  • New Processes:

    In promoting entrepreneurship, the 'Make In India' recognizes only the 'ease in doing business' as the single most important factor. For the ease of business environment, a number of initiatives have been already taken. The major aim is to de-license and deregulate the industry during the entire lifecycle of the business.

  • New Infrastructure:

    In the growth of industry availability of modern and facilitating infrastructure is must. The Government intent to develop industrial corridors and smart cities to provide an infrastructure that is based on state-of-the art technology to offer rapid communication.

  • New Sectors:

    'Make in India' so far has discovered 25 sectors in industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, and service activities and rest, the detailed information is being shared by the interactive web portals and the professionally developed brochures.

  • New Mindset:

    Industry was use to see the Government as the regulator, hence 'Make in India' intents to change this by bringing a revolutionary change in how Government interacts with industry.