GSTR-3B Late Fees still shown as Rs.100? Why? How to correct it to Rs.25?

Although Government has waived the late fee over and above the Rs.25 each vide (notification no 64/2017 dt 15-11-2017) but still while filling the GSTR 3B for the month of October after due date i.e. 20th Oct 2017 , the Portal is automatically generating late fees of Rs 100 each instead of Rs.25 each.

This problem of GSTN Computing 100 Rs. as Late Fee can be resolved by *clearing the cache of your browser*.

Follow the below steps to clear the cache of your browser:-

1 .Go to settings of the web browser.

2. Go to advanced settings.

3. Go to privacy and security.

4. Clear browsing data to delete the caches and cookies from the beginning of the time.

5. Go to settings again AND Type cookies

6. All cookies will appear, type “GST” on search.

7. Remove all GST related cookies.

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