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    What is Founder’s Agreement?

    The Founder's agreement drafts the various responsibilities and roles of the founders of the company. The agreement outlines the equity invested by the founding members in the company, the ownership of the intellectual property made by them, and their responsibilities. It's a broad agreement that drafts various aspects of the endeavor that the founders may try to undertake, it also includes the consequences of the founder's death or departure.

    Procedure of Founder's Agreement

    2 Working days:

    As soon as you submit your request, one of our representatives will get in touch with you to understand and collect your requirements. Once these requirements are in, we will start working on them. In case we need more information then we will get back to you again, else we will send it to you for review within a time frame of 3-4 working days.

    2 Working days:

    In case you find any amendments or changes to the agreement, then our lawyers will start working on them. Two rounds of revisions are included in the original piece.

    Advantages of Founder's Agreement

    Crystal Clarity

    There are many matters that might go undiscussed between the founders. Founder's Agreement helps in making the team members discuss unsaid topics.

    Defined Roles

    The agreement defines the roles of every founding member and also allows them to understand what other members would be responsible for.


    It offers opportunities to clear all doubts, and it also allows founders to establish a better professional relationship.

    FAQs on Founder’s Agreement

    What is the purpose of Founder's agreement?

    The Founder's agreement is used by the Co-founder and it contains co-founder details, project details, and more. It also discusses the 4 major key aspects; that are responsibility and roles, decision-making, ownership, and operating procedures.

    Do I need to get this document on stamped or e-registered?

    Yes, it is highly recommended that these documents should be stamped or e-registered.