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Encash Your Skills Early

What’s Next?

The question strikes up in every Youth mind after their exams are over. These Young guys after Graduation have worries to set their career soon and become financially independent.

You don’t have to wait until you have a degree to get a job and start paying for your expenses. While continuing your study, You can find part-time opportunities which helps you to understand, explore and sharpen your inherent work skills.

It’s always better to Start Early. Just try to find out a part-time work opportunity with flexible time to enrich and build up your skills. After your education, these skills will definitely help you to find a good job or may help you in case You Start Your Business.

Have you ever gone to some famous food chains and seen young boys and girls with fantastic looks serving you. They are part timers utilizing their spare time to earn some money and to enjoy their life. Just try to spend a little time to find out the right kind of part-time job that leaves you with enough time to get complete your college work also.

Now, there are many avenues which anyone can explore. Some of them are:

Freelance Writing:

Freelance writing is a great opportunity for college youth who have a passion for writing, have excellent writing and editing skill and ability to work under deadlines. The writer may write blogs, articles or creating specific and focused content in any other form on one or more subjects of interest.

Research Assignments:

Professional Firms and business Service Providers may engage You for support in researching legal/business client queries to find out appropriate solutions with high quality answers and legal explanations. Excellent research skills and the ability to find quality content online/offline and interpretation skills are required. Expertise in certain areas as well as general knowledge of business is required.

Social Media Managers:

These days, you may find part-time work in Organizations/Companies requiring content marketing and managing their social media content over their platforms. Tech Support: For Computer savvy youth and students studying in Colleges and technical institutions, online or onsite tech support services is a great opportunity. Most of the processes and applications are IT based today and their installation, maintenance and updating assignments can be handled by these part-timers. The working hours are also flexible to suit to your requirements.

Book Keeping:

Every business may require part-timers to handle their bookkeeping and accounting requirements and to provide support in their timely govt. compliances. A person with commerce background and accounting exposure can explore these part time opportunities.In the new GST regime, the demand for these part-timers will definitely increase.

Documents Writing:

Professionals/semi-qualified persons may write Agreements, Status Reports, Opinions, Due Diligence Reports and other legal documents required by business organisations and NGO’s time to time.

Official Events Assistants:

You may join a platform to manage their clients official events like Board Meetings, Annual Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, Training, Social Campaigns etc and may work part-time in communications, presentations, management and media management domain.

Look for an opportunity around you. If you are really interested and explore your skills, you can easily find one. Avenues are unlimited and so opportunities are. So, advise you to start working Part-time in your career today.

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